Dr. Nina Beck

Dr. Nina Beck is the Principal of Saint Mary’s School.  She has been ninainvolved with Catholic Education for the past twenty five years.  She holds a degree in Psychology, Education and Advanced Degrees in Reading, Learning Disabilities, Special Education, Elementary Education and School Administration.

Dr. Beck’s past awards include:  Outstanding Young Women of America, Refugee Re-Settlement Award, Mexican American Service Recognition, Parenting in Our Multicultural Community Presenter Award, Lifetime Who’s Who in Education Award, President’s Parent Education and Involvement Award and The Homeless Coalition Service Award.

She has a husband, Richard (Dick); son, Adam; two Granddaughters (Aidyn and Ani Beck) and daughter in-law, Ashtyn.  Her hobbies include her family, reading, gathering necessities for the Homeless and working with Teachers, Students and Families of St. Mary’s School.