Leanne Timmons

Mrs. Leanne Timmons

My name is Leanne Timmons and I am the new School Lunch leanne-timmonsProgram Director at St. Mary’s School.  I have an Associate’s Degree in Dietetics from Central Community College in Hastings and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from University of Nebraska here in Lincoln.  I am a Registered Nutrition and Dietetic Technician.  I come from working at the Nebraska Dept. of Labor as a Workforce Coordinator and prior to that as a Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Adjudicator.  I also sell some Mary Kay.  Prior to receiving my business degree years ago I worked as a Kitchen Supervisor at a nursing facility in York.

I am married and my husband and I are members of the Cathedral Parish in Lincoln.  Between my husband and we have three grown children and five grandchildren.  We have two dogs and a cat at home.  My husband Tim is the Communicable Disease Coordinator at the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Dept. and has been there 30 plus years.

I have always loved the field of dietetics and am really enjoying being back in the field.  I beg your patience as I work through getting acclimated to it all.  I have a extreme love for the Lord and continue to look forward to working with you and the students at St. Mary’s School.

Leanne Timmons NDTR