Monday—Sunday Parking

Saint Mary Catholic Church

1420 K Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

Our parking lot is available any day of the week for church related events.  On weekends, please reserve the lot for elderly and handicap.

You can access our parking lot from K Street (a one way).  At the traffic light, turn left into the alleyway indicated by the blue arrow.

A fence gate leads from the parking lot to the front of the church.  The gate is indicated by the green triangle.

The parking lot exit  is indicated by the orange arrow.

Additional Saturday and Sunday Parking

State of Nebraska Parking Garage

1401 L Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

A parking garage, indicated by the purple pin, is directly behind our church. You can access the garage from L street (a one way).  The code to both enter and exit the garage is 1420#

Parking garage is for church related events only.

Please park on levels 3 (ground level), 4, 5, & 6.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church


1420 K St.


Lincoln, NE 68508


(402) 435-2125